Important factors for an adequate yacht share

The idea of a ship share puts the luxurious advantage motor yacht within easier reach for the sensitive and determined. As a co-owner, there are some rules and authorities you possess. However, you want to be co-owner the you have to consider the following most important key factors:
Be-owner Secure your assets

Nowadays everyone is in a tension how to secure your assets and live danger free life. Being a co-owner of a yacht, you should also secure it. Co-ownership is frequently wrong for boat timeshare representations, which do not include actual ownership. Now there is a degree of uncertainty here.

The advanced and official structure of Yacht protects co-owners to the maximum degree of possibility against exterior access (on recognition risks and the potential for obligation or bankruptcy on the part of other co-owners or failure of Smart Yacht AG), creating it far more safe than a yacht timeshare.


As a co-owner of the yacht, it is important to relish the rigidity of a full ship owner. Thus, the property should be clear to every co-owner individually to avoid clashes and fights between them. As a co-owner of yacht, you are in absolute control of rights, unidentified and entirely independent that you can get your share or whether to keep them.

Use Yacht according to your requirement

This is about using your watch whether to go on holiday with you familyOR have a business meeting. All depends on the relation, rules, and authorities defined by the owner. Some deals are very flexible you and use it whenever you want to. With a smart system of powers, Smart Yacht guarantees the accessibility of the yacht for each co-owner in every season. There are different types of coowner’s and have different interests. Allare combined in a way that they all go for their vacations regardless of holiday calendar, whichis set accordingly.

Reasonable and crystal clear Costs

Sharing costs with coowner’s is decent and smart. They have to assure that the costs and prices are sensible and divided according to the number of co-owners. SmartYatch offers complete transparent and guaranteed payment. No extra payments are made regarding of your use and ownership. All payments will be defined and shown accordingly.

All Service: You do not have to worry

Your time or vacation abroad is limited. Therefore, you do not wish to waste time sleeping on beds; take out beverages and checking the Yacht engine. Co-ownership services only if you have a complete staff for management and very supportive and directing the co-owners. Smart Yacht offers comprehensive services to you, you have to do is spend more and more time with your family, and most important enjoy the full time.